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Rayavadee’s underlying philosophy has always been to co-exist in harmony with the uniquely beautiful natural environment of our home, the Phranang Peninsula, a fragile place with a rich and unique landscape of mountains, jungle and sea replete with rich flora and fauna.

Rayavadee works as a proactive member of the community to support initiatives that raise awareness of sustainable tourism practices and the importance of protecting the environment. We regularly help to organize beach cleanings, marine life releases, and mangrove planting events, all of which foster understanding between community members, local businesses and visitors.


Rayavadee is also a founding member of the Enlive Foundation, which was started to address the issues threatening the well-being of the eco-system of the peninsula including wastewater management, rubbish disposal, noise pollution and reef degradation, The organization brings together local businesses, community members and government figures to work towards finding solutions to these growing challenges.

In 2012, Enlive held its first annual Krabi EnLive Sea Kayak Thailand Championship with the cooperation of the Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand with rowers from around Southeast Asia joining the event. Each year, there is also a sea turtle and marine life release event that accompanies the races to cultivate conservation awareness. In 2014, with the support of the Thai Navy, Enlive Foundation launched their ‘Underwater Learning Park’ project by sinking 4 decommissioned navy warships off the coast of Phranang Beach to encourage the return of healthy marine life and as a stand-in for the threatened natural reefs of the area. Two years later, the newborn artificial reefs are thriving with a diverse range of fish inhabiting the shelter it provides them with. Follow the link here to find out more about Enlive Foundation and its activities.


As the Phranang Peninsular is not linked to the provincial water supply and waste water treatment facilities, Rayavadee has to source for subterranean water while ensuring that the resort releases no water discharge into the ocean. The outcome of the treatment system we developed to meet these needs is fresh water clean enough for our ponds and perfect for many kinds of fish to thrive in. The systems also manage to return water supply into the earth as the resort uses the treated water to water the plants, thus giving the water back to the soil.

As part of our efforts towards sustainability, a composting site has also been built in which all our food waste from the kitchen and restaurants is composted together with garden waste. In addition, all of our garden waste is used for making microbial, environmentally-friendly fertilizers.


We focus on bringing organic, locally-sourced ingredients to our guests and to giving back to society as a whole by supporting fair trade products, social enterprises and charity programs Our menus offer guests healthy and balanced options that include nutritious and organic vegetables, herbs and salads. All of the rice we serve is organic as are our free-range eggs from Hilltribe Organics.

In addition, we are proud to offer Mivana, organic forest coffee, a Thailand-based community initiative which is producing award-winning coffee while providing a livelihood for many in small rural communities in the north.

Rayavadee is proud to be a founding partner of the FOOD4GOOD charity program which provides healthy meals for needy children throughout Thailand. As part of its commitment to the program, Rayavadee donates 1 Thai Baht for every dish ordered in every restaurant throughout the year.